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Altis Life Rules

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- RDM means random deathmatch

- RDM is attacking and/or killing a person for no reason

- If you mass RDM you will receive a possible permanent ban



- stands of New Life Rule

- Do not return to the location you died under any role play circumstances

- You are not to return to the same situation even if the NLR timer has expired

- Do not do anything  from before you died as for the meaning of NLR you are a new person



- Do not abuse and problems with the server i.e bugs/glitches

- If you have found a problem, please report it to a staff or upload it to forums to be fixed


Meta/Power Gaming

- Meta/Power Gaming is achieving a task in role play by using non role play methods e.g

-hearing about someone intending to rob you from a 3rd party app like teamspeak then taking steps to counter or prevent it

- baiting someone to a place to mug and/or kidnap them


Fail RP

- Fail RP is incorrectly role playing in an unrealistic way and/or abusing game funtions

- Do not disconnect  while in a hostile situation to avoid death or loss if inventory

- Do not get out of vehicle while restrained



- To annoy a player for the purpose of angering them or to try to get them in trouble

- Minging can be caused by trapping or blocking a player, knocking them out/over 


Money To In Game Currency

- by getting people to give you real money or gift card for in game bonus's you are breaking the Bohemia's Terms Of Service and you can receive a VAC Ban for doing so

- This is also against the server rules and you will receive a permanent ban from the server


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