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Teamspeak Rules

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1. DO NOT Argue with other members on this server. If you do you will be kicked from the server and if you continue you will have a 1 hour ban 

2. DO NOT impersonate a member of staff

3. DO NOT Threaten other member?s if you do you will be REMOVED From the server and/or forums 

4. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES Will Racism be tolerated on this Server If have been a victim PLEASE Contact a member of staff

5. DO NOT have an inappropriate user name or channel name

6. DO NOT change TeamSpeak Offices around if a admin see you will be banned for 24HRS 

7. NO BULLYING will be Tolerated on this server if you are bullying someone you will be banned from the server permanently!! 

8. Feel free to contact a member of staff  

9. If you are being Bullied please contact a member of Staff

10. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will a BAN be lifted unless done by the Owner

11. If you have a problem with another member PLEASE contact a member of Staff

Warnings System.  There will be a total of 3 warnings
1. Is a warning  
2. Will be a 1 hour ban 
3. You will be banned for 1 year or PERMANENTLY

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